Sitemap - 2023 - Around the Campfire

you are a living gospel of courage

I got lost on the way to Christmas

Dear Santa, There is Still a Child Inside of Me

don’t ask people what they got for Christmas

Today is waiting on your porch

Under the Dancing Bulbs

If I were in a Hallmark Christmas Movie...

wounds can become wind chimes

I've seen that look in your eyes before

my color wheel has a flat

our journey upstream

“I feel like a piece of dry toast”

where’s my llama?

We are called to survive the storm

word count of two

I am a swarm of mayflies

balm for a peaceful heart

Sonna's Question

a teenager, a driver's exam and a white Zephyr

My 2024 poetry calendar is here

maybe peace is a lioness

children of lights

the very hungry soul

our most strange contradictions

angels are on their way

your personalized horoscope from a poet

if mercy is a crime - let's become outlaws

Art contest has kicked off!

poems are just prayers in disguise

writing is exploring

swim free indeed

the gatekeepers are getting worried

escaping comets, falling leaves, you and me

grief taught me to pay attention

a broken instrument still plays sweet music

in the light

you are endless

yoga for the heart

mercy block

it's not aging - it’s revelation

A Two Word Prayer

breaking the political heatwave


the joy of failure

masterpiece you

your elegant perseverance

no flame will touch you


untying my tongue

you’re hired

this is you loving you

flowering weeds

sunday psalm

together we are hope


pain chart

the red delicious of now

moats make tombs

do it now

the hotel for seekers

Super Day, the Holy Spirit, and a poem

on the energy of money

dancing with rose quartz

Our radio hearts

Jaybird & the Beets

a very unfinished complete poem

Eavesdropping and sunlight on a train

Oh, Morning Body