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Because it’s hard to travel in the wilderness all alone. There is so much comfort in knowing that there will always be a spot waiting for you around this campfire with other fellow seekers and searchers whenever you need it.

This place of crackling respite and handwarming hope is a perfect spot for anyone who wants to safely rest under some virtual stars while I spin you a story of two of my own adventures into the badlands of my heart.

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Welcome all seekers and travelers! Welcome to my little campfire. Grab a chair and make a S'more. I know it can be so cold out there in the wild. You are safe here. Can I share a story with you? It's all about how fear is no match for love.


John Roedel is a comic who unexpectedly gained notability as a writer and poet through his heartfelt Facebook conversations that went viral and became an Amazon best-selling book titled, "Hey God. Hey John."